Villa So Long Banyuwangi – Halo, guys, now I would like to share about my experience when I was sightseeing at Villa So Long. Villa So Long Banyuwangi is one of the comfort and beautiful place in Banyuwangi, this place is very nice for you if you want to spend your time with your family here, cause of this place has some room for you and your family to stay here. The selling point of Villa So Long is the beauty of Selat Bali, because from this place you can see and enjoy Bali Island closely. Yeah of course you will be fun and comfort with all of the atmosphere and service here, trust me hehehe.

Villa So Long Banyuwangi

Need some pure and fresh air? Or just taking a photos? It’s the right place guys, yup just come and make a schedulle for your weekend. Guys if you want to stay about 1 night or more, you can book a room first so you will get a villa, but when I visited this place I did not stay here because I just sightseeing. The location of this place at Solong Banyuwangi close to my boarding  house, and I will describe to you about some facilities of Villa So Long Banyuwangi.

villa so long banyuwangi


Don’t worry if you stay here or just enjoying the beautiful place, because Villa So Long Banyuwangi also has a restaurant with significant price and I think not to expensive for us. When I visited this place, I just bought a bottle of soft drink because my initial intensions is take a photos and wasting my weekend time with my friends.


Love to swim? You can swim at this villa guys, this place has a beautiful pool under the coconut trees with a sun lounger and bathroom for swill out our body after swimming. I love to swim but when I visited here, I did not bring the swim wear, so I decided to cancel it.


Wow really nice guys, beautiful location, breeze, restaurant that supported us with some complementary and  free internet access. I think just like in heaven guys, the speed of internet connections was enough to social media, e-mail and browsing. Incidentally I did not try to download anything to  test the speed cause I thought I just need for the social media needs.


There are some coconut trees embedded at Villa So Long Banyuwangi and makes this place has clean landscape with the green grass. I think if you spending time here, your mobile phone will be low battery directly cause the activity of taking some photos that you do hahaha.


The most important thing at some place is the large of parking area, so don’t worry about that and it was very safety parking area, but don’t forget to lock our vehicle guys.

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In addition to crowded of visitors who stay or just hunting photos, Villa So Long often used for a weddings with the theme of garden party, meeting some agencies and government, press conference of Putri Indonesia and other artists were held here, and other activities. Can you imagine guys the beauty of this place? Hehehe just come to Majestic Banyuwangi – Wonderful Indonesia.

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